Top 5 Personal Injury Attorneys in Macon, GA

Personal Injury lawyers can help ensure that their clients receive the damages to which they are entitled by law. Some of the items for which injured parties are legally entitled to compensation include lost wages, past and future medical expenses, damages for both physical and emotional pain and suffering, and damages for disfigurement. Sometimes, a close family member of the injured person, such as his or her spouse, may also be entitled to damages. This award is often referred to as loss of consortium damages, which is intended to compensate the loved one for the loss of the injured or deceased person’s services and companionship.

We are dedicated to maximizing compensation for accident victims. Work with a team that will put your interests first. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Call or email us.

George O. is a highly respected Georgia attorney in the Personal Injury field. Contact his Macon office at 478-845-1774.

Clark, Smith & Sizemore LLC represents seriously injured individuals and the families of individuals killed as a result of negligence. The firm is led by Chris Clark, Mike Smith, and Richard Sizemore, Personal Injury lawyers with many years of experience in complex and challenging cases involving serious injuries, wrongful death, insurance litigation, business disputes and other matters. For professional, skillful and results-oriented representation, look to Clark, Smith & Sizemore LLC.

Gautreaux Law is a leading Personal Injury law firm in Macon, Georgia. Attorney Jarome Gautreaux has extensive experience representing injury victims who were involved in severe accidents. He also has experience handling complex, catastrophic injury cases with multi-million dollars in damages.

Here. For you. It’s not just a slogan. Powers Law Group has over 35 years of legal experience in Macon, located in the heart of Middle Georgia. We represent people like you, who never imagined that they would need to ask for help from a Personal Injury lawyer because either they or someone they love had been injured in a serious accident. Our clients come from all over Middle Georgia, as well as throughout the state of Georgia. One of our greatest points of pride comes from the fact that most of our new clients are referred to us by former clients.

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