Personal Injury Lawyers Walton County, GA

The major highways traversing Walton County include Interstate 20, U.S. Route 78, State Route 11, State Route 20, State Route 81, State Route 83, and State Route 138. Because of Walton’s ever-growing population and proximity to major highways, traffic accidents are common in the area. These car wrecks, truck accidents, and motorcycle collisions often result in little more than minor injuries and property damage. But when a serious accidents happen, they can cause catastrophic injuries — up to and including wrongful death.

Have you or someone you love been the victim of an accident or injury through no fault of your own? The aftermath of any kind of injury can be overwhelming. No one wants to have to be the one to suffer from an accident or significant injury. However, if you have found yourself in that position, then you can make your situation a little easier by hiring the best injury lawyer in Walton County.

We have full-time offices in Monroe, Georgia and Madison, Georgia to conveniently serve our clients. We are dedicated to providing clients in Walton County and Morgan County as well as surrounding counties, with comprehensive legal services. We have over sixty (60) years of combined legal and law enforcement experience.

Assault, Battery, Automobile Accidents, Tractor Trailer Accidents, Defective Product Injuries, Invasion of Privacy, Neglect, Slander, and Defamation.

Located in Walton County an hour east of Atlanta, Monroe was founded in 1818 but was not officially incorporated as a city until 1896. One question we hear quite often is, “Do I need a Personal Injury lawyer?” There are actually two answers to this: Yes and no. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you do need to hire a Personal Injury lawyer.

Preston & Malcom, Walton County’s oldest and most respected law firm, provides a high quality, full-service approach to serving the diverse legal needs of business clients in Walton County and throughout North Georgia. Our firm has developed a strong reputation for successful banking and corporate litigation and support, as well as a strong trial practice. We represent clients in virtually every litigation forum, including federal, state and appellate courts. Catastrophic injury, car accidents, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, brain injury, product liability, premises liability, trust administration, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents.

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